Feb 08

Do You Need A Mailing List?

Absolutely! A lot of new internet marketers make the critical mistake of not starting an opt-in program to create a mailing list soon enough. Experienced marketers know that the real money is in the list, not the website. The website is a means for building the list.

Most of those who don’t have one know they should have one. I’m certain if they truly understood how significant the impact of not capturing leads was on their success they would get one right now.

Consider this. You’re an affiliate marketer and so you’re committing time, resources and money to sell a product for someone else. Makes sense, it’s a cost of doing business. Besides you’re building a business and making money every time you sell something. The problem is, you’re not building your business. You’re building the business of the guy you’re sending your leads to. You’re paying so he can build HIS list of customers.

If you’re not capturing leads with an opt-in you only have one customer and that’s the company who’s product you’re selling. The other guy has the “customers” you only get the commission. meanwhile the company you’re promoting can continue to sell to their same customer over and over again while you battle it out for a new lead. It simply doesn’t make sense for you to pay to build someone else’s business. Get your own mailing list going so you can capture customers and still get the sales commission.

Another way to look at it is that your biggest expense in this business is the cost of acquiring a new lead. Everything you do is geared towards this and amounts to a cost, even if it’s only time and elbow grease.

If you capture your leads, rather than simply passing them on for a commission, you can market to them again over and over without the cost of acquiring a new lead. Spending resources to attract leads and not capturing them means you’re paying way too much for your leads and you’re missing out on the largest revenue generating tool in the whole of internet marketing.

Equally as important is that you’ll be building a relationship with your leads and they tend to buy from people they know.

The sad part is that it’s really quite inexpensive to set up an opt-in program using an autoresponder service like Aweber.com. An autoresponder allows you to create a scheduled mailout sequence that follows a patter that is initiated by an email signup. I’m sure you’ve filled out many of them before.

Aweber is an incredible deal at $20/month. For this you can host as many mailing lists as you want as long as the total leads is under 10,000. You can pay extra for larger leads sizes. There’s a fantastic set of mailing list management tools that will even generate the html you need as well as tell you where to put it! If you need help they have excellent support as wells as tutorials to help you solve any issues you might have.

You can take a free test drive at Aweber and to see how easy it is to set up and start turning profits from your back end sales where the real money is.

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