Jan 25

When Does A Second Tier PPC Search Engine Make Sense?

Google isn’t the only game in town when it comes to search engine advertising. There’s a huge thriving industry of second tier search engines willing to take your advertising dollars as readily as Google. But are they really worth it?
It depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. If you’re hoping to sell something, then you may be a little dissapointed. In my experience the traffic quality coming from these 2nd tier PPC search engines is simply not the same quality as you get from Google Adwords.
By low traffic quality I mean that the traffic fails to convert as well as you would expect. For instance, the same ad placed on Google as placed on a 2nd tier PPC search engine will almost always show better conversions for Google. Why? Relevance and fraud!
Unlike Google Adwords, on PPC search engines you are bidding not on ad placement on the side of the results page, but actual listing in the results themselves. You can simply buy the first page top listing for a key word! Unlike Google, who takes great care in trying to make the ads relevant to the search, these other 2nd tier PPC search engines have different priorities and often means the ads (actually search results) are not always as relevant to the searcher as you would hope. Unfortunately, this means a lot of this traffic will bounce because it wasn’t targeted well enough.
Click fraud is a problem everywhere in the internet marketing industry, even Google. That said, Google has tremendous resources to fight fraud and by all accounts does a reasonably good job of it. On the other hand, the small 2nd tier PPC search engines do the best they can, but simply cannot match the protection Google offers.
There are hundreds maybe even thousands of 2nd tier PPC search engines, and of course some are better than others. From personal experience I would estimate the better ones to have a click fraud rate of about 25-30%. So even the better ones show perhaps 3 out of every 10 clicks to be fraudulent.
So why bother with these 2nd tier PPC search engines if they don’t convert as well as Google and there is so much fraud?
Because it’s still traffic and it’s VERY CHEAP traffic!
Traffic is like currency, you spend money on advertising which is essentially buying traffic. Eventually you hope to trade that traffic back into money by making a sale. Traffic is simply a new currency. Notice I didn’t say “the” new currency? Like real world currency, traffic currency is not all valued the same. Traffic from Google is much higher quality than a second tier PPC so it’s “currency” value is higher. You pay more for it, but you get more for it because it converts back to real world money more easily.
Now here’s the key … even low value traffic is still worth something provided you spend it properly. For some purposes the actual value of currency is the same regardless of where it comes from!
Here’s an example. I have a page on Squidoo.com and I want it to be in the top ranks so it gets all the attention of being on the top viewed list of pages. Positioning like this on social network sites is worth gold because of all the extra traffic you get for free because you’re on top. Think about it, your page is receiving enough views to make it to the top ranks it must be good and that means you must be an authority on the subject!
Sites like these rank pages, blogs or whatever, based on the number of “page views” your page gets. It doesn’t care where the traffic came from one iota.
This is an example where all currency is equally, traffic is traffic regardless of how much you spent to get it!
Like I said, there are many many second tire PPC search engines out there. I’ve experimented with quite a number of them over the past few months and I’m currently most happy with Findology. With Findology I can get all the traffic I want for my particular keywords for $0.03/click! Now, in reality it’s probably more like $0.04/click since the click fraud issue means I don’t receive 1/4 of these clicks, but it’s still very cheap and profitable when used for the right reasons. That’s a lot of cheap traffic driving my scattered web content to the top ranks of the social sites. And let me tell you, it’s not lonely at the top at all because a lot of people come by to visit you!
So by leveraging cheap Findology traffic to put me on the top 10 lists I can draw quality traffic from these social sites that turns out to be worth far more than the $0.04/click I’m paying for it. And once you’re on the top of these lists it will now cost you less money to stay there since you’re now getting loads of walk-on traffic!
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