Mar 30

Affiliate Marketing Course Campaign Update

Hey everyone I just wanted give everyone an update on the affiliate marketing campaign that is part of the long tail treasure free affiliate marketing course.

I’ve been so busy with the development of the lessons as well as managing my own campaigns that I’ve not been keeping you guys all up to date as well as I should have.

Currently there are 14 sales for a total of $1369.96. There was actually 16 but there’s been a couple refunds. Also, of the 14, two were from europe that were billed at $100 a piece.

The other day I was asked by a member how I was able to pull in 14 sales and I think it’s a very good question that I wanted to cover in this post. When I stopped to think about it, it was like a kick in the pants because I realized there was something really important going on here that should be discussed.

First, have a look at the stats for the campaign lens here at http://squidaholic.com
just enter “KeywordEliteScam” in the text box (without the quotes).
You can only see about a week of the stats on squidaholic, but from the dashboard I can tell you there has been about about 1000 visits since the lens was created. It averages about 16 per day.

This is not much traffic at all, but then again the promotion has just begun for the lens. The traffic has now begun to rise significantly and I’m expecting more sales soon.

The lens was not promoted with any articles or 2nd Tier PPC until a couple days ago. Prior to this the only thing going for it was it’s squidoo ranking as well as submitting it to various sites like Digg, stumbleupon, propeller etc.

A couple days ago I began a $2/day 2nd Tier Pay Per Click campaign following the techniques I describe in the 7th lesson of the course. A brief idea of the concept can be found in the earlier post titled “When Does A Second Tier PPC Search Engine Make Sense”?

So the question about how I managed to sell 14 already is an interesting one because I think there is a bias in the experiment.

It’s hard to tell the world in a free course exactly what you’re doing for your campaign and expect to be competitive in the marketing space for the product in question. I believe I mentioned somewhere back in the course when the campaign was announced that I believed it wouldn’t do well because of this.

Well it turns out I was probably right and at the same time wrong. Don’t you just love a straight answer 😉

I believe that people knowing my strategy and using that against me is happening as I expected. I don’t hold this against anyone because I fully expected it. In fact I’m not even sure I mind because the point of the exercise is to demonstrate the techniques so people can see an actual campaign for learning purposes. If by being open enough so people can learn from it means the campaign itself may suffer then so be it. The point was to teach after all. On top of that, I’m not sure how to measure the effect so it’s not really worth discussing.

So having said that, it turns out there are a little more sales than I would have expected given the lack of promotion, which is just beginning now. So after thinking about it for a bit I suspect that half of the sales are probably coming from members of this course. There are a lot of members and many of them have visited the lens.

Based on feedback I’ve been getting about the free course (thanks everyone), many members have told me how they appreciate the information I’m sharing without subjecting them to a barrage of marketing pitches. Also, I believe members who have been in the course for a while now know that I’m not going to market a product I don’t believe in.

I believe this is the reason sales are up. I believe the course has actually pushed sales higher than if the course didn’t exist. My guess is half are sales to course members. I’m not surprised this might happen. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy. I wanted to say however that it wasn’t the primary objective. In fact, if the most sales was more important than teaching, I certainly wouldn’t have been telling everyone about the details of my marketing campaign.
Unfortunately I don’t know an other way to do a live campaign without this happening. In hind sight I understand now why there are few live campaigns being used as teaching methods. It’s difficult for the course not to influence the campaign.

I believe when the course is complete I’ll come back and add an additional campaign after the campaign has finished. A campaign that stands on it’s own without the course influence issue.

for now, I hope everyone will continue to follow the course campaign as it is mostly intended to teach how the hook all the pieces of a successful campaign together … which it will do regardless of the course influence.

BTW, this course influence will actually be discussed in detail in the lesson that deals with mailing lists so be sure to check it out.


the long tail treasure free affiliate marketing course : Free Affiliate Marketing Course


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  1. Rella

    Hey ,

    Just wanted to Thank You for taking the time to create the Affiliate Marketing course.

    I haven’t used all the information as of yet. But, what I have done has helped me out “Greatly.”

    My lens went from 33thousand+ to 8 thousand overall and number one for the product I’m doing.

    Also, Yahoo search has picked up my lens and ezinearticle.

    Thanks greatly for helping a Newbie out.

    1. admin

      No problem Terry! And thanks!

      I’m glad to hear the course is helping you out.


  2. James

    Hi ,

    First thanks for the free e-course it has got me interested in affiliate marketing again.

    I have a question though. Has there been a part-8? Or is it coming? Have I missed past part-7 somehow?

  3. Jen

    I’ve signed up for your affiliate course and am looking forward to it.

    By the way, This is a nice blog template. What is the design, if I may ask?


  4. admin

    Hi James, Hi Jen, Sorry for the late reply … as you can probably tell I’m having a brutal time keeping up 🙁 I think all that will change soon with Traffic Kahuna. I’llpost more on that later though …

    James, the last lesson was #7 and #8 was supposed to be out a couple weeks ago but I’m way behind. I’m going to try and send it out this week. Sorry man.

    Jen, Thanks! I like the template too. 🙂 The design is a custom design that my wife did. I think she started with one of the basic templates and them modified it a fair bit.

  5. Karl

    Thanks for the info, I’m just starting to learn affiliate marketing.

  6. Mitchel

    Hello there, a quick question what ever happened to part 8 of the long tail treasure? Just wondered was it sent and I never received it. Or did life happen here. Thank you.

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