Feb 29

Article Marketing: As Short As A Girls Skirt, But …

A lot of new article marketers have it in their head that they need to write 50 to 100 articles for their niche in order to be successful with article marketing the niche. No wonder article marketing often scares the pants off newbies!

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I personally don’t know any marketers who have written 100 articles for a niche, or even 50 for that matter. But I do understand where the idea comes from.

“How many article do I need?” is a common question new marketers ask experienced marketers all the time, and often the response is some huge number like 50 to 100. More often than not I think this is another way of saying the question has no right answer and that it depends on the too many factors to have a single right answer.
It’s kind of like the question grade school kids ask their teacher regarding how long an essay needs to be … “as short as a girls skirt, but long enough to cover the subject”.

Articles serve two purposes in marketing, directly deliver traffic and add PageRank juice to your landing page through backlinks. Both of these purposes ultimately serve one final purpose of creating qualified traffic to your landing page.

The best way to answer the question about how many articles is to simply start writing them and stop when you’ve achieve your traffic goals. Of course you need to be reasonable with your expectations, but if you’ve made front page of google with your landing page then the articles driving that page are doing their job for the keyword in question. No need to keep writing for that keyword.

If you’re got decent position for your landing page but still don’t have the traffic you want then you need new keywords for the niche and new articles for those keywords. So keep writing articles.

One way to avoid having to write so many article is to focus on quality and you’ll very likely find the quantity required to achieve your goals is much less than 50 … assuming you’ve done your homework and found decent keywords.

Quality articles will generate traffic on their own, independent of the landing page they point to. Not only that, but quality articles get bookmarked and shared.
The most I have every written for a niche is 13 and that covered the top 3 keywords I wanted to target. It covered the subject just fine for me.
So the best advice I can give in this regard is to set out to write 50 articles, but make them quality and you’ll find you can stop much shorter than 50. In fact, if after 10 you’re not seeing real progress in traffic then perhaps you need to revisit your research. Maybe the keyword you’re targeting isn’t suitable for “niche” marketing.

Quality means less quantity.


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  1. internet marketing joy

    I tried dong article marketing before and I must say that it really works. I submitted my articles on eZine directory and after a few weeks my articles were indexed.

  2. colin

    Everyone keeps spouting the benefits of article marketing so I’m excited about trying it out. PPC advertising has really been my bread & butter for making money online.

    I’m interested to see what you have to offer in your e-course.

  3. aidan james

    I love article marketing – I’ve reduced my ppc spend from $250 per day to $40 thanks to the traffic I’ve generated for free 🙂

    Long may it last

  4. George Yeo

    I am starting out on article marketing and I really love it. One of my pages was spidered within a few days and I hope to get some traffic in a few weeks time.

  5. Make Money Online Site

    Article marketing is one of the best ways to market your website or blog. Not only do people click on those links and get to your site. Those links increase your ranking in the search engines. This results in a lot of traffic.

    It is way better than PPC or pay per click. This traffic is free and does not cost any money. In my opinion free search engine traffic can produce results that paid advertising cant if you are effective enough in building content, links, and more pages.

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