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May 11

I’m Moving … Sorry For Any Unexpected Outages

Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know I’ve been in the process of moving my website to a new host and unfortunately I messed up a few things the other day and as a result you may have encountered a few broken links in the course. I apologize for any frustration. I’m pretty …

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Mar 30

Affiliate Marketing Course Campaign Update

Hey everyone I just wanted give everyone an update on the affiliate marketing campaign that is part of the long tail treasure free affiliate marketing course. I’ve been so busy with the development of the lessons as well as managing my own campaigns that I’ve not been keeping you guys all up to date as …

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Feb 24

Squidoo Lens Building Video Added to E-Course

If you still haven’t taken the plunge and built your first Squidoo lens then there’s no time like the present! Maybe you’ve never made a lens, or any online content for that matter, or maybe you’re just a little intimidated? No worries, I’ve put together a Squidoo video that will show you just how easy …

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Feb 05

Affiliate E-Course Campaign First Sale

Things are going well for the e-course campaign with our first sale only two days after launching. The course campaign, being outlined as it happens, was launched 2 days ago with a single squidoo lens and has had only minor promotion using some social networks and Even though the campaign is only two days …

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Feb 03

Free Affiliate E-Course Ranked #1 on Squidoo

I’m very proud to announce my free Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course is now ranked #1 in the SEO & Affiliate Marketing category on! Although the course is designed to show how I made $7,000 in my first 60 days as an affiliate marketer, I’ve recently learned that my 60 days may have actually …

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Feb 01

1st Page of Google in 4 Minutes!

I’m still bouncing off the walls here folks! I just made the 1st page of Google in 4 minutes flat! And no it’s not for some obscure keyword that has only 5 pages in Google. In fact, Google returned 33,000 pages for my search key word. A couple days ago I announced that I was …

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Jan 29

Free Affiliate E-Course Adds Live Campaign

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ll be developing an actual campaign, step by step , as part of the Free $7,000 in First 60 Days Affiliate E-Course. There’s no better way to learn about affiliate marketing and how I set up my campaign than to show you exactly what I did with a brand …

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Jan 20

Free – $7,000 in 60 Days Affiliate Marketing E-Course

With no prior experience I made $7,000 in my first 60 days affiliate marketing and currently average over $700/day! Would you believe I expect to DOUBLE this over the next 12 months! Want to know how? Sign up for my free affiliate marketing e-course right now and I’ll show you what I did. No strings …

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