Jan 29

Free Affiliate E-Course Adds Live Campaign

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ll be developing an actual campaign, step by step , as part of the Free $7,000 in First 60 Days Affiliate E-Course.

There’s no better way to learn about affiliate marketing and how I set up my campaign than to show you exactly what I did with a brand new product. Yep, I’m going to eat my own dog food during this course so if you’re not already signed up your going to miss the dog food show!

Sign up today, it’s free, pick a product, and follow along in parallel as I develop a campaign using the same techniques I used to earn $7,000 in my FIRST 60 days as an affiliate marketer.

You get to watch over my shoulder with twitter too! Notice the twitter feed at the top of this blog? Cool huh.

If you don’t know what this image means then sign up and find out!
long tail treasure ecourse

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