Feb 03

Free Affiliate E-Course Ranked #1 on Squidoo

I’m very proud to announce my free Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course is now ranked #1 in the SEO & Affiliate Marketing category on Squidoo.com!

Although the course is designed to show how I made $7,000 in my first 60 days as an affiliate marketer, I’ve recently learned that my 60 days may have actually been a bit slow based on the feedback I’m getting from a few of the class members.

Before deciding to develop this free e-course I tested the knowledge I had learned with a few eager souls. (BTW, When you pull down $7k in your first 60 days people start calling you very quickly ;). )

Well one of these eager souls has taken what I’ve taught him and just surpassed my 60 day balance in only 45 days! Not only am I humbled, but extremely excited for him as well.

The good news for the rest of the e-course is that I’ve now had a great deal of validation that the course is doing it’s job!

The feed back from members of the course has been extremely encouraging and has shown me that people are not only learning this stuff, but people are putting it into action!

And of course the feedback from course members has been a key element in helping shape the future direction of the course. As a result of them I’ve decided to

  1. add the twitter feed at the top of the blog so others can watch over my shoulder as I work
  2. begin development of some podcasts as well as screen casts to accompany the material
  3. most importantly, include a real live campaign in the course. Not an existing campaign, but one developed for the course with all the gory details wide open and free to see
  4. I’m also considering webinars, but that’s TBD

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank all the members of the course for hanging with me. I truly learn as much from your feedback as I do teaching the material.

When it comes to learning collaboration always beats competition!

You can checkout the Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course on squidoo or
sign up on the Long Tail Treasure Blog

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