Mar 04

Free Guide To Marketing With Yahoo Answers

Hate writing articles? Rather than writing full length articles how about simply answering questions? This free guide describing how to market to the over 90 million users of Yahoo Answers will give you some alternatives.

For many people the idea of article writing is painful. Some people have trouble coming up with ideas, others just have a hard time writing marketing copy and feel, for various reasons, that the writing just sounds tacky

Isn’t that’s what you’re already doing as a marketer? You’re constantly answering the questions (or objections) your potential customers may have about your product or service. Your articles are really designed to answer questions they have right?

Well with Yahoo Answers you simply answer questions about a topic that is in your niche and in turn create traffic back to your landing pages.

You don’t even have to think of the questions your potential customers have because they’re telling you already!

There are many ways to market online and although writing articles is one of the most powerful, there are alternatives. For some people answering a few questions is a great way to improve your writing in short steps and gain the confidence to move on to articles.

Grab your FREE copy(pdf) of the Yahoo Answers Traffic Guide.

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