Apr 16

How Does Traffic Kahuna Work?

I don’t brag up many products, but Traffic Kahuna simply Rocks! The newly released Traffic Kahuna is what other traffic networks wish they were. With Traffic Kahuna you get more quality back links and highly targeted traffic than you’re going to find with any other solution I know of.

How does it work?
Before I answer that let me answer another question you probably have right now …

If it’s newly released then how do I know it’s so good?
Traffic Kahuna is “newly released” to the public, but a few months back it was release to a small group (100) of people as a sort of beta test. It was a way to work out the kinks in the system and to ensure it really did deliver as promised.

The results were nothing short of incredible! Now with a track record of success to back it up it’s finally being released to the general public. You can read about the results of this at the Traffic Kahuna site.

You might already be familiar with the Kahuna team from my earlier post on the free Comment Kahuna tool. I should tell you, since that post I have seen some major upgrades (including squidoo support) to Comment Kahuna that has made it THE tool of choice for finding blogs to comment on. If you use the tool you already know the quality of work from the Kahuna team.

So, again, how does it work?
Traffic Kahuna goes way above and beyond with a network of hundreds of websites and blogs that are begging for your content and ready and willing to provide back links for your site or blog.

Your job is to simply submit an article or smaller snip of content to the network with your back links in place and the Traffic Kahuna people take care of the rest. Each submission is personally reviewed and syndicated out to websites or blogs that are relevant to the content you submitted.

What you get from Traffic Kahuna this is

  1. content submitted to hundreds of relevant blogs and websites (this would takes untold hours to do manually)
  2. targeted traffic back to your site
  3. very quickly increase search engine rankings
  4. improved page rank(google PR)

Why is Traffic Kahuna different from other traffic networks
This is a huge question that MUST be answered. The big difference is that the Traffic Kahuna team has done something the others have failed to do. They done everything on the legit up and up from seo / google perspective.

  1. NO Black Hat / No Grey Hat techniques
  2. All blogs and websites in network are from real individual owners
  3. Blogs ans websites are spread across the web and NOT on a single IP (because they are real from real individual owners)
  4. The only techniques used are real PURE WHITE HAT techniques that will not get your business in trouble with Google or anyone.

Should You Use it?
Yes and No. (don’t you love answers like that 😉 )

Here’s the deal. Unlike Comment Kahuna which is free, Traffic Kahuna is not. So the way to answer the question of whether you should use it or not is to look at it like this …

If you have a blog or website that is monetized and is making even a little bit of money each month then you will probably benefit greatly from this tool. If your traffic were to triple, quadruple or more then you normally expect your sales to do the same.

In most cases the issue is clear cut, the increased traffic and therefore increased sales m ore than covers the cost of the service.

Now even if you don’t have sales and are just starting out, I’d suggest it as a great way to start on the fast track. It really will save you enormous amounts of time and effort while building a traffic following.

But What About The Bonus?
If you read the Traffic Kahuna site you’ll have noticed some bonus material and a landing page on their web 2.0 website. With out going too much into it, basically they’ve build a site with a decent page rank and they’re going to give you a personal page on the site so you can use it as a personal PR boosting page for your other content. In reality it goes way beyond that but I’d rather leave it for the Traffic Kahuna team to tell you about it.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?
Good question! Well the beauty is that if it works, which I know it does, you’ll see the traffic improve often in a matter of a few days, and certainly well with in a month time. And fortunately the Traffic Kahuna team is so confident in their offering that they’re guaranteeing a full refund to anyone for up to 30 days. This is more than enough time for you to see the power risk free.

Why is this guarantee especially meaningful?
Think about it, with most digital products or services the company offering the product or service isn’t really out anything when they offer a guarantee. Sure they lose a bit of money
since they have to refund the purchase, but that’s all.

With a service like Traffic Kahuna where each content submission is reviewed and placed by an actual person they can’t afford to be giving 30 day money back guarantees unless they have huge confidence in their product.

What’s The Hurry?
Here’s the problem. When they opened this up to 100 beta testers some time ago it filled the 100 spots very quickly.

Even though they’ve opened it up to the rest of us they still have a cap on the number of members they are letting in. Believe me, this isn’t some marketing ploy, the truth is the network of websites and blogs isn’t limitless and can only handle so many new members at a time. When the network grows enough I suspect they will open the doors again but I have no idea when that will be so be sure to check it now before it’s too late.


  1. Normal Joe

    I agree dude! I’m in there and it’s the freakin joint! lol. I haven’t even tapped all the power of it, but I’m glad I’m in there…gonna start using it way more than I have.

    So far, I’ve been using it to help my new sites get indexed, it’s one part in my “super ninja indexing method” lol.

    1. admin

      hey joe, you got it man. it’s an awesome tool!

      With all that cool video you’re putting out you should be all over the Video Post Robot they have as a bonus. This is like a $200 third part product anyone can buy but you get it for fee as a member. it’s pretty powerful because not only does it auto submit your videos to many top video sites, but tit then goes and does auto bookmarking for the video you just submitted. total time saver

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