Feb 29

Article Marketing: As Short As A Girls Skirt, But …

A lot of new article marketers have it in their head that they need to write 50 to 100 articles for their niche in order to be successful with article marketing the niche. No wonder article marketing often scares the pants off newbies!

I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but I personally don’t know any marketers who have written 100 articles for a niche, or even 50 for that matter. But I do understand where the idea comes from.

“How many article do I need?” is a common question new marketers ask experienced marketers all the time, and often the response is some huge number like 50 to 100. More often than not I think this is another way of saying the question has no right answer and that it depends on the too many factors to have a single right answer.
It’s kind of like the question grade school kids ask their teacher regarding how long an essay needs to be … “as short as a girls skirt, but long enough to cover the subject”.

Articles serve two purposes in marketing, directly deliver traffic and add PageRank juice to your landing page through backlinks. Both of these purposes ultimately serve one final purpose of creating qualified traffic to your landing page.

The best way to answer the question about how many articles is to simply start writing them and stop when you’ve achieve your traffic goals. Of course you need to be reasonable with your expectations, but if you’ve made front page of google with your landing page then the articles driving that page are doing their job for the keyword in question. No need to keep writing for that keyword.

If you’re got decent position for your landing page but still don’t have the traffic you want then you need new keywords for the niche and new articles for those keywords. So keep writing articles.

One way to avoid having to write so many article is to focus on quality and you’ll very likely find the quantity required to achieve your goals is much less than 50 … assuming you’ve done your homework and found decent keywords.

Quality articles will generate traffic on their own, independent of the landing page they point to. Not only that, but quality articles get bookmarked and shared.
The most I have every written for a niche is 13 and that covered the top 3 keywords I wanted to target. It covered the subject just fine for me.
So the best advice I can give in this regard is to set out to write 50 articles, but make them quality and you’ll find you can stop much shorter than 50. In fact, if after 10 you’re not seeing real progress in traffic then perhaps you need to revisit your research. Maybe the keyword you’re targeting isn’t suitable for “niche” marketing.

Quality means less quantity.

Feb 24

Squidoo Lens Building Video Added to E-Course

If you still haven’t taken the plunge and built your first Squidoo lens then there’s no time like the present!

Maybe you’ve never made a lens, or any online content for that matter, or maybe you’re just a little intimidated?

No worries, I’ve put together a Squidoo video that will show you just how easy it is to get your first lens up and running in a matter of minutes!

You’ll find the video as part of lesson 4 of the free Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course called Build A Squidoo Lens With Relevance.

So if you’re a visual learner or just want to see first hand how easy it is to build a basic lens then sign up for the free e-course and when lesson 4 arrives you’ll have access to the video that will put you on the right path to your first lens!

No programming required. Just point and click!

Feb 12

Turbo Charge Your Viral List Building

I’ve recently been inspired by a clever viral marketing campaign that I want to share with you.

Jon Leger had an eBook called “Search Engine Myths Exposed” which he was giving away for free. Of course the eBook contained links for his benefit, but more importantly he was building a mailing list. And he was doing it a little differently than I was expecting.

Not only was the eBook free, but he created a two tier affiliate program which paid out $.25 for every download. So given this was a two tier payout, each download actually likely cost him about $0.375.

Now giving an eBook away is a viral strategy on it’s own, and provided the content is worth giving away, it can spread reasonably well.

But it seems Jon was in a hurry to build his list so he created the two tier affiliate payout and all you had to do was give his FREE eBook away. Unfortunately giving things away these days isn’t always that easy and can take a while to build a substantial list with your giveaway. These days free is every where and hardly grabs attention.

So Jon focused on grabbing their attention by showing how they can make money by giving it away for him. Essentially what he was doing was targeting affiliates with his FREE eBook not necessarily just readers. But in order to be an affiliate you had to download the eBook! So wanting to be an affiliate also turns you into a reader, or downloader.

Just for fun lets run a few numbers. Lets assume he manages to give away 10,000 eBooks for a cost to him of $3750. Now he has a pretty sweet mailing list of confirmed opt-ins that also happens to be highly targeted to his niche. He essentially bought this list for $3750.

Now if he sells $37.50 worth of merchandise to 1% of his list he’ll have recouped his costs and will still have a 10,000 targeted list.

Anyway, I had signed up for the guide 6 weeks ago and was thinking them method of marketing it was clever, but I wasn’t sure how to cut off the payout responsibility once it had gone viral and you didn’t want to continue the program. Then last week I found the answer … I received an email from Jon telling us that the affiliate program would be discontinued. He was kind enough to give everyone a 2 week notice which was cool since he didn’t have to. Anyway, problem solved. Just simply stop it.

I think this approach is pretty interesting and I’m sure it’s done quite often in various ways (if it’s not common then hat’s off to you Jon).

It’s common knowledge that an eBook that’s obtained free of charge will have a lower reader rate than one that was paid for, so I’m certain that Jon’s real interest was almost entirely the list he was building.

I’m not sure how many people acquired on his list before he turned off the tap, but if my estimates are right it was only about 5 weeks.

He’s probably already recovered his cost!
hmmm wheels are turning ….

For additional reading on what you’re missing without a mailing list check out “Do You Need A Mailing List”?

Feb 08

Do You Need A Mailing List?

Absolutely! A lot of new internet marketers make the critical mistake of not starting an opt-in program to create a mailing list soon enough. Experienced marketers know that the real money is in the list, not the website. The website is a means for building the list.

Most of those who don’t have one know they should have one. I’m certain if they truly understood how significant the impact of not capturing leads was on their success they would get one right now.

Consider this. You’re an affiliate marketer and so you’re committing time, resources and money to sell a product for someone else. Makes sense, it’s a cost of doing business. Besides you’re building a business and making money every time you sell something. The problem is, you’re not building your business. You’re building the business of the guy you’re sending your leads to. You’re paying so he can build HIS list of customers.

If you’re not capturing leads with an opt-in you only have one customer and that’s the company who’s product you’re selling. The other guy has the “customers” you only get the commission. meanwhile the company you’re promoting can continue to sell to their same customer over and over again while you battle it out for a new lead. It simply doesn’t make sense for you to pay to build someone else’s business. Get your own mailing list going so you can capture customers and still get the sales commission.

Another way to look at it is that your biggest expense in this business is the cost of acquiring a new lead. Everything you do is geared towards this and amounts to a cost, even if it’s only time and elbow grease.

If you capture your leads, rather than simply passing them on for a commission, you can market to them again over and over without the cost of acquiring a new lead. Spending resources to attract leads and not capturing them means you’re paying way too much for your leads and you’re missing out on the largest revenue generating tool in the whole of internet marketing.

Equally as important is that you’ll be building a relationship with your leads and they tend to buy from people they know.

The sad part is that it’s really quite inexpensive to set up an opt-in program using an autoresponder service like Aweber.com. An autoresponder allows you to create a scheduled mailout sequence that follows a patter that is initiated by an email signup. I’m sure you’ve filled out many of them before.

Aweber is an incredible deal at $20/month. For this you can host as many mailing lists as you want as long as the total leads is under 10,000. You can pay extra for larger leads sizes. There’s a fantastic set of mailing list management tools that will even generate the html you need as well as tell you where to put it! If you need help they have excellent support as wells as tutorials to help you solve any issues you might have.

You can take a free test drive at Aweber and to see how easy it is to set up and start turning profits from your back end sales where the real money is.

Feb 05

Affiliate E-Course Campaign First Sale

Things are going well for the e-course campaign with our first sale only two days after launching.
The course campaign, being outlined as it happens, was launched 2 days ago with a single squidoo lens and has had only minor promotion using some social networks and USFreeads.com.
Even though the campaign is only two days old we’ve had our first affiliate sale of the product for $97 which is what we wanted as it allows us to keep in line with the goal of not needing money to get started.
We can now use this money to help further build the campaign by using it for PPC traffic, directory submissions and our Aweber autoresponder (opt-in) list.
For intimate details of the course campaign, including screen shots of accounts, as well as how build your own campaign, signup for the free Long Tail Treasure Affiliate E-course.

Feb 03

Free Affiliate E-Course Ranked #1 on Squidoo

I’m very proud to announce my free Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course is now ranked #1 in the SEO & Affiliate Marketing category on Squidoo.com!

Although the course is designed to show how I made $7,000 in my first 60 days as an affiliate marketer, I’ve recently learned that my 60 days may have actually been a bit slow based on the feedback I’m getting from a few of the class members.

Before deciding to develop this free e-course I tested the knowledge I had learned with a few eager souls. (BTW, When you pull down $7k in your first 60 days people start calling you very quickly ;). )

Well one of these eager souls has taken what I’ve taught him and just surpassed my 60 day balance in only 45 days! Not only am I humbled, but extremely excited for him as well.

The good news for the rest of the e-course is that I’ve now had a great deal of validation that the course is doing it’s job!

The feed back from members of the course has been extremely encouraging and has shown me that people are not only learning this stuff, but people are putting it into action!

And of course the feedback from course members has been a key element in helping shape the future direction of the course. As a result of them I’ve decided to

  1. add the twitter feed at the top of the blog so others can watch over my shoulder as I work
  2. begin development of some podcasts as well as screen casts to accompany the material
  3. most importantly, include a real live campaign in the course. Not an existing campaign, but one developed for the course with all the gory details wide open and free to see
  4. I’m also considering webinars, but that’s TBD

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank all the members of the course for hanging with me. I truly learn as much from your feedback as I do teaching the material.

When it comes to learning collaboration always beats competition!

You can checkout the Long Tail Treasure affiliate e-course on squidoo or
sign up on the Long Tail Treasure Blog

Feb 01

1st Page of Google in 4 Minutes!

I’m still bouncing off the walls here folks! I just made the 1st page of Google in 4 minutes flat! And no it’s not for some obscure keyword that has only 5 pages in Google. In fact, Google returned 33,000 pages for my search key word.

A couple days ago I announced that I was going to create a live campaign in my free affiliate marketing e-course. I wanted to develop a campaign during the course as a way to demonstrate the techniques I used to generate $7,000 in my first 60 days as an affiliate marketer.

I just finished my first piece of content for the campaign and within 4 minutes of submitting it I was able to make the first page of Google!

How did I do it?

  1. Keyword research
  2. Effective use of high Google Page Rank sites
  3. Effective use of social bookmarking and networking sites

Want to see the screen shots?
Want to see exactly, step by step, how I did it?
Want to know which sites I used?
Want to see the live campaign as I develop it through my free e-course?

It’s simple … all you have to do is sign up for my free Long Tail Treasure E-Course and I’ll show you exactly how I did it. No strings no fees no nothing.

Jan 29

Free Affiliate E-Course Adds Live Campaign

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’ll be developing an actual campaign, step by step , as part of the Free $7,000 in First 60 Days Affiliate E-Course.

There’s no better way to learn about affiliate marketing and how I set up my campaign than to show you exactly what I did with a brand new product. Yep, I’m going to eat my own dog food during this course so if you’re not already signed up your going to miss the dog food show!

Sign up today, it’s free, pick a product, and follow along in parallel as I develop a campaign using the same techniques I used to earn $7,000 in my FIRST 60 days as an affiliate marketer.

You get to watch over my shoulder with twitter too! Notice the twitter feed at the top of this blog? Cool huh.

If you don’t know what this image means then sign up and find out!
long tail treasure ecourse

Jan 25

When Does A Second Tier PPC Search Engine Make Sense?

Google isn’t the only game in town when it comes to search engine advertising. There’s a huge thriving industry of second tier search engines willing to take your advertising dollars as readily as Google. But are they really worth it?
It depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. If you’re hoping to sell something, then you may be a little dissapointed. In my experience the traffic quality coming from these 2nd tier PPC search engines is simply not the same quality as you get from Google Adwords.
By low traffic quality I mean that the traffic fails to convert as well as you would expect. For instance, the same ad placed on Google as placed on a 2nd tier PPC search engine will almost always show better conversions for Google. Why? Relevance and fraud!
Unlike Google Adwords, on PPC search engines you are bidding not on ad placement on the side of the results page, but actual listing in the results themselves. You can simply buy the first page top listing for a key word! Unlike Google, who takes great care in trying to make the ads relevant to the search, these other 2nd tier PPC search engines have different priorities and often means the ads (actually search results) are not always as relevant to the searcher as you would hope. Unfortunately, this means a lot of this traffic will bounce because it wasn’t targeted well enough.
Click fraud is a problem everywhere in the internet marketing industry, even Google. That said, Google has tremendous resources to fight fraud and by all accounts does a reasonably good job of it. On the other hand, the small 2nd tier PPC search engines do the best they can, but simply cannot match the protection Google offers.
There are hundreds maybe even thousands of 2nd tier PPC search engines, and of course some are better than others. From personal experience I would estimate the better ones to have a click fraud rate of about 25-30%. So even the better ones show perhaps 3 out of every 10 clicks to be fraudulent.
So why bother with these 2nd tier PPC search engines if they don’t convert as well as Google and there is so much fraud?
Because it’s still traffic and it’s VERY CHEAP traffic!
Traffic is like currency, you spend money on advertising which is essentially buying traffic. Eventually you hope to trade that traffic back into money by making a sale. Traffic is simply a new currency. Notice I didn’t say “the” new currency? Like real world currency, traffic currency is not all valued the same. Traffic from Google is much higher quality than a second tier PPC so it’s “currency” value is higher. You pay more for it, but you get more for it because it converts back to real world money more easily.
Now here’s the key … even low value traffic is still worth something provided you spend it properly. For some purposes the actual value of currency is the same regardless of where it comes from!
Here’s an example. I have a page on Squidoo.com and I want it to be in the top ranks so it gets all the attention of being on the top viewed list of pages. Positioning like this on social network sites is worth gold because of all the extra traffic you get for free because you’re on top. Think about it, your page is receiving enough views to make it to the top ranks it must be good and that means you must be an authority on the subject!
Sites like these rank pages, blogs or whatever, based on the number of “page views” your page gets. It doesn’t care where the traffic came from one iota.
This is an example where all currency is equally, traffic is traffic regardless of how much you spent to get it!
Like I said, there are many many second tire PPC search engines out there. I’ve experimented with quite a number of them over the past few months and I’m currently most happy with Findology. With Findology I can get all the traffic I want for my particular keywords for $0.03/click! Now, in reality it’s probably more like $0.04/click since the click fraud issue means I don’t receive 1/4 of these clicks, but it’s still very cheap and profitable when used for the right reasons. That’s a lot of cheap traffic driving my scattered web content to the top ranks of the social sites. And let me tell you, it’s not lonely at the top at all because a lot of people come by to visit you!
So by leveraging cheap Findology traffic to put me on the top 10 lists I can draw quality traffic from these social sites that turns out to be worth far more than the $0.04/click I’m paying for it. And once you’re on the top of these lists it will now cost you less money to stay there since you’re now getting loads of walk-on traffic!
Want to know some of the best places to leverage your cheap traffic? Sign up for my free affiliate marketing e-course where I describe how I made $7,000 in my first 60 days affiliate marketing.

Jan 20

Free – $7,000 in 60 Days Affiliate Marketing E-Course

With no prior experience I made $7,000 in my first 60 days affiliate marketing and currently average over $700/day! Would you believe I expect to DOUBLE this over the next 12 months!
Want to know how?
Sign up for my free affiliate marketing e-course right now and I’ll show you what I did. No strings attached. Just plain, straight up details on what I did to make $7,000 in my first 60 days affiliate marketing. And then how I turned that into my current $700/day income from affiliate marketing. You can also register at the top of this page.
Since my recent success many people have been picking my brain about it and so I’ve decided to put together a small E-Course that describes some of the strategies I used to fast-track myself into the money as an new affiliate marketer. The course is totally FREE and consists of a series of lessons you’ll receive through email that will essentially outline my marketing campaign strategy and will include information like

  • How to start with NO money!
  • The Traffic-Currency metaphor
  • Leveraging the rating systems for maximum traffic
  • How to OWN the organic search results for a niche
  • How to leverage the efforts of your competitors
  • Leverage my experience and maybe even shave some time off your rags to riches quest!

So no more excuses! Just Do it! Get your affiliate money rolling, check out my e-course and see how I made it happen.
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Affiliate Marketing E-Course

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