Apr 30

Social Bookmarking with RSS Bookmarker

I hate bookmarking my content all day long, but it’s got to be done. Problem is with all the different bookmarking sites I find I’m often spending more time bookmarking than actually developing content. That’s why RSS Bookmarker rocks!

RSS Bookmarker is a fantastic hands off way to slowly, and naturally, drip your content to the social bookmarking sites.

Presto! Automated back links!
The basic premise is that you set up projects that include the RSS feed you want to continually have bookmarked as well as a list of the bookmark sites you want the rss posts to bookmarked.
RSS Bookmarker then gradually submits the posts to the social bookmarking sites.

Now here’s one of the cool parts …
RSS Bookmarker also comes with RSS Feed Generator a very nice tool that automatically takes your regular website and makes an rss feed out of it. This feed can be sent anywhere any rss feed can be used, including RSS Bookmarker.

So what you have is a set of tools that will automatically keep your blog and your website bookmarked in a naturally looking way. All you have to do is produce content.

RSS Bookmarker runs on a server and supports as many projects and configurations as want so it’s easy to set up for the use of as many websites and blogs as you can scrap together among your friends 😉

I’ve just started using it after learning about it through Traffic Kahuna and it’s saving me hours a week in time … time I can use to for more worthy efforts.

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