Mar 26

Social Marketing With Twitter Feed

There’s been a lot of debate this past year about the value of social marketing. The issue isn’t about whether or not building relationships on social sites is valuable, but rather if it’s valuable enough to justify the time it takes to cultivate these relationships. With the right productivity tools, like Twitter.com and Twitterfeed.com, I think the answer is unequivocally yes!

I just hooked up my blog feed to my twitter.com account and now I don’t have to waste additional time announcing my new blog posts to my twitter community because twitterfeed.com does it for me.

If you don’t know what twitter is then here’s a short description. Twitter is a micro blog that allows you to announce what you’re doing at any given moment to all those who care to know (your followers). It’s a simple way to “follow” what your friends are doing.

It might sound kind of silly at first, but trust me, it’s actually quite of addicting. The idea is that as I’m working I can type short one-liners every now and then about what I’m doing, or what I’m surfing or whatever I want to share. The messages are always short because there’s actually a limit to the length of the message it will accept. This can be understood if you consider that one of the popular uses, and original motivations, of Twitter is to send text messages from your phone so your friends can follow you through out the day.

Now if you’re a blogger one of the things you’re going to want to do is announce to your followers any new blog posts you make. Your followers are like subscribers and will receive the notification in their twitter feed.

With the twitterfeed.com service you can have your new blog posts announcements automatically sent to your twitter followers saving you the hassle of doing it manually. This is an example of how you can contribute to a social network without having to do anything over an above the blogging you’re already doing. It’s simply extra leverage 🙂

You can see how twitter works by checking out my twitter feed here.

But to really understand twitter you simply need to try if for a few days. It’s quick an easy to set up. And once you get the feel for it you can hop over to twitterfeed.com and automate your blog announcements to your new found friends.

Twitter and TwitterFeed are great tools for the busy affiliate marketer. If you want to learn affiliate marketing a great place to start is The Long Tail Treasure
, my free affiliate marketing course where you can learn more about the techniques I use every day to make a living online.


  1. Lee

    I am goging to add this to my two blogs this weekend as a added link for google juce.

    I am 3 weeks in with my first project and 3 days in with my second.

    My first has seen sales and my squidoo page is moving up the ranks fast as I add content and post articles.

    I have notice a benifit of posting articles. your links are checked by the directory and you get extra hits on the squidoo page boosting your page rank – cool .

    1. admin

      hey lee, that’s great! 3 week in and you’re seeing sales. Posting articles is always a worth while effort in my experience.


  2. Rella

    Wow … I thought twitter was just for cell phone text addicts. You’ve opened my eyes. Will be adding this to my sites soon. Thanks for sharing!

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