Mar 07

The Squidoo Lens Of The Day Traffic Effect

So what’s the next best thing to having an effective mailing list? How about getting mentioned on someone else’s much BIGGER list, like the Squidoo Lens Of The Day list!

Although my Free $7,000 in 60 Days affiliate marketing course has generated quite a lot of traffic since it’s inception only a couple months ago, nothing has given the traffic a kick in the pants quite like making the Squidoo Lens of the Day.

Megan Casey, the Editor in Chief of Squidoo.com, chooses a lens each day among the millions of lenses to be featured as the lens of the day. This feature then appears on Squidoo, the Lens of the Day blog and is sent out to the Lens of the Day mail list. This is quite an honor to say the least and I’m quite proud to have made here esteemed list, even if I have to share 😉

On march 6th I was listed as one of the 5 lenses she liked among tens of thousands of possible lenses related to making money
So these lenses are here to stand up for the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity of being a skillful web-based marketer, a smart promoter, a hard worker who (probably) works from home and enjoys helping others find worthwhile products and services. Unsurprisingly, there are tens of thousands of GREAT lenses on Squidoo about affiliate marketing, about making money, about sales tips and tricks. It’s hard to pick just a few, but here are a handful that I’ve stumbled across recently and enjoyed.

– Megan Casey, Editor in Chief, Squidoo.com

Since receiving this vote from Megan (I’m going to call it a ringing endorsement 😉 ) , the traffic to my lens has gone through the roof! I was getting quite a lot of traffic to the lens before and have always been ranked in the top few lenses in the SEO and Affiliate Marketing section of Squidoo, but this lens of the day mention has more than tripled my traffic and more than quadrupled the signup rate for the free e-course.

A couple observations worth noting

  1. probably 2/3 of the new traffic is coming from the mailing list for lens of the day and not directly from the squidoo site. I imagine the mailing list for squidoo lens of the day is quite large, though not very targeted to a niche.
  2. The the actual conversion rate for signup to the e-course has increased. This is a great demonstration of the power of authority. A referral from someone of perceived authority does more than just drive traffic, it drives traffic that’s ready to convert … or in my case sign up for the free e-course.

Not only does the lens of the day get profiled on Squidoo.com but also on the lens of the day blog. Both of these feature spots are certainly driving traffic to my lens, but it’s the email traffic that is really blowing me away.

The moral of the story is that if you can get mentioned on someone else’s large list it can do wonders for your own marketing efforts. All the more reasons to start building relationships and get involved in you favorite web 2.0 community. Just remember to create content people care about and the word will spread.

If you haven’t already done so then what are you waiting for? It’s easy to build your own Squidoo lens.

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